Rotisserie Roasting


Rotisserie roasting is great for roasts and whole birds. The rotisserie system rotates the food for even cooking, and bastes meat in its own juices.

The cooking heat for the rotisserie heat can be from the infrared rotisserie burner, a fire in the grill directly below the rotisserie, an indirect fire banked to the front of the grill or off to the sides, or from a side-mounted smoke box. A wood fire in the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers is perfect for rotisserie roasting.

When using any of the indirect heat sources or the infrared rotisserie burner, it is a good idea to place a drip pan beneath the food. You may need to remove the cooking surface to create clearance for the rotisserie. The juices in the drip pan can be used for basting. When you are not basting or checking the internal meat temperature, the grill hood should be kept closed.

Never use the infrared rotisserie burner in conjunction with another heat source.

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