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Shingle Springs, California

Honest rock, woods and the embrace of a spectacular valley view made this inspiration a reality.

The Shingle Springs, CA kitchen is one part of a larger outdoor entertaining area that was designed by Dale Hoover of Anza Environments, Inc – a Durango, CO – based design firm. The homeowners have a fondness for entertaining and wanted a design that would create an environment that included separate scenic venues for their guests.

At the heart of the design was the pool area with views overlooking the Sacramento Valley. As a focal point off the pool is the outdoor kitchen. Since the couple enjoys entertaining frequently and the location of their kitchen is in such a special area, the design had to be open and airy, creating a light-feeling environment. It also had to promote the valley views, foster continual circulation of the breeze and have constant social access to guests. In short, it had to be a one-stop, functional space for them to entertain by the pool.

In order to create a kitchen that met the needs of the Keefers, the designer, Dale Hoover, had to overcome one challenge: the slope on which the entertaining area was being built. In capitalizing on the slope's gradient, he was able to create terraced entertaining areas and incorporate the kitchen so that each would take advantage of the sightlines down into the Sacramento Valley.

Not only did the kitchen have to work with the slope, but the décor had to fit with the features of the natural surroundings. "We created a kitchen that included natural and honest features," said Hoover. "We included native quartzite stone to wrap around the kitchen island and western red cedar as the choice for the wood trellis covering the kitchen."

The kitchen had to be low maintenance. To meet that requirement, a cast concrete counter and stainless steel kitchen equipment were chosen. The low maintenance requirement was also met by the kitchen's layout and the use of Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet equipment. Built in a u-shape, the kitchen puts refrigerated drawers, storage cabinets and the grill all within reach of each other, making food preparation fast and efficient and clean up easy.

By combining the roughness of the quartzite and the wood with the smoothness of the cast concrete and stainless steel, a sense of dramatic contrast was created within the kitchen. Hoover says that the balance of contrasts makes the kitchen environment exciting and plays off the surrounding natural elements.

"We always strive to create an honest and natural space for our clients," said Hoover. "We believe our job is to create extraordinary exterior multi-purpose living areas."

Inspired by a breeze, cast in rugged stone and wood and gleaming with stainless steel, the Keefers have a kitchen that gives them the ability to enjoy the valley breezes while entertaining their guests in a natural, honest environment.


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