Landscape Architect Kris Hoiuchi

Spotlight on Landscape Architect, Kris Horiuchi

Lauren Jones, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 02/19/2013 | Design

Residential landscape architecture not only adds value and equity to a home, it connects the built space to the natural environment creating synergy between the two. Award winning landscape architect, Kris Horiuchi of Horiuchi Solien Inc. in Massachusetts, has captured our attention due to her unique, artistic aesthetic and ability to transform an outdoor space into a functional living area.

Horiuchi specializes in garden designs for coastal homes, particularly in New England, but her scope of work spans everything from private urban rooftop gardens to large scale public parks such as the 9/11 Memorial at Logan Airport. She is committed to preserving, interpreting, and celebrating the built environment and gains inspiration from the natural landscape. "As someone raised in Los Angeles, what I find particularly striking about New England is the sense of history that is rooted in the architecture and land," says Kris of her design process.

Fully-equipped Outdoor Kitchen in Nantucket, MA

Outdoor Kitchen Nantucket

Kalamazoo Outdoor Kitchen in Nantucket, MA

Horiuchi designed this outdoor kitchen in Nantucket, Massachusetts with a U-shaped layout to accommodate multiple cooks. It was built to incorporate everything a home chef could possibly need which can allow it to function as the primary kitchen for the home. It features a complete range of Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen products including a Hybrid Fire Grill, two wok burners, weather tight cabinetry, ample storage, a sink and refrigeration. White granite and natural stone are used throughout.

Garden Oasis in Bourne, MA

Outdoor Landscape by Kris Horiuchi

A Garden Oasis in Bourne, MA - Photo credit: Brian Vanden Brink

Horiuchi created an informal garden oasis for the owners of this Victorian style home in Bourne, Massachusetts. Existing mature oak trees and stone walls were used strategically to provide refuge from the elements. Seasonal pastel hued plants were chosen to create a serene aesthetic while assorted herbs and regional grasses were incorporated to add year round visual appeal.

Rooftop Garden with Living Wall in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Green Living Wall by Kris Horiuchi

Rooftop garden with living wall in Brooklyn Heights, NY - Photo credit:

This private rooftop in Brooklyn Heights, New York is a slight departure from Horiuchi’s work on the New England seaside but still reflects her minimalist aesthetic. “I'm interested in craftsmanship and minimalism and how materials can fit together without hitting you over the head” says Horiuchi. The client’s only request was that the existing Japanese Maple tree be preserved. The end result was a 16’ x 6’ living green wall that serves as a spectacular focal point which anchors the entire design. The garden is constantly evolving to reflect the seasons. Horiuchi managed to create a stunning 96 square foot rooftop garden that can be enjoyed year round.


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