Paddle and Party for Pink Sunset Party

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet at the 2015 Paddle and Party for Pink

Chris Mordi, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 08/07/2015 | Food and Drink

It began as a warm breeze blew in from Noyack Bay in North Haven, NY. White tablecloths billowed, a heat shimmer danced over stainless steel and then came the slap of pizza dough hitting granite.

Last weekend, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet was back in The Hamptons to participate for the second year in Paddle & Party for Pink, a daylong event created by Maria and Larry Baum and Lisa and Richard Perry to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Don Sivesind, vice president of sales, and Chris Mordi, vice president of communications, baked pizzas to celebrate and thank 65 of the BCRF’s most generous donors at the Friday night party held at Lisa and Richard Perry’s home on Noyack Bay.

The next morning at Havens Beach in Sag Harbor, NY, Kalamazoo’s grillmaster, Russ Faulk, took to his pizza oven station and Artisan Fire Pizza Oven to bake blackberry and burrata pizzas for another fund raising event – a paddleboard race that was hosted by Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece. More than 100 racers competed over three and six mile courses.

That evening at Fairview Farm in Bridgehampton, NY, Kalamazoo’s team fired up its K750HB Hybrid Fire Grill and Artisan Fire Pizza Oven for more than 600 guests attending a Sunset Party. Guests were able to enjoy drinks, bites from local restaurants, dancing to a live performance from Chic featuring Nile Rogers and bidding on custom-decorated paddleboards to raise funds for the BCRF. Some paddleboard designers included Bethenny Frankel, Rachel Zoe, Oprah Winfrey and Donna Karan.

We were happy to get our grill roaring with a 925-degree fire, which we used to sear sushi grade tuna covered with a blackening spice rub and topped with a miso mustard sauce, lemon zest and shavings of scallions. The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven easily kept up with our visiting guests. Grillmaster Russ made 42 pizzas. We have to thank our dealer, Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, for making their grill and pizza ovens available to us. It was so nice to have, Ken, the owner of Kitchen Designs, by our side cooking tuna and pizzas and talking to all of our visitors.

Attending the Sunset Party were internationally famous artist Grimanesa Amoros, super model Molly Sims, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lena Dunham, Matt Lauer, fitness guru Tracy Anderson, among others.

Paddle & Party for Pink raised more than $1.6 million. According the BCRF, 91 percent of every dollar raised goes directly to breast cancer research and awareness programs.

Artisan Fire Pizza Ovens set up for the event

A pair of Kalamazoo pizza ovens getting ready for the Friday night party overlooking Noyack Bay.

Margherita pizza from an Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

The classic Margherita was the first pizza out of the oven. So simple. So good.

Paddle board racers on the water

The paddle boarders coming in to the finish line. 

Paddle boards up for auction at Paddle and Party for Pink

Some of the awesome custom paddle boards up for auction at the event. 

Kalamazoo Blackberry and Burrata Pizza

Grillmaster Russ’ blackberry and burrata pizza. A work of art that was in high demand by the paddlers.

Sunset Party at Paddle and Party for Pink

Our set up for the Sunset Party.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Sunset Party

At the Sunset Party. We cooked 13 pounds of blackened, seared tuna and 42 pizzas.

Gwyneth Paltrow at Paddle and Party for Pink

Gwyneth Paltrow speaks to attendees about the work of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Paddle and Party for Pink Sponsors

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is proud to sponsor Paddle & Party for Pink.


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