Winter Grilling Tips

Cold Weather Grilling Tips

Bradley Carlson, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 02/20/2015 | Grilling, Tips

Just because winter weather continues to grip many parts of the country and wreak havoc on cities with record snowfalls, we can still fire up our grills, right? Definitely.

In fact, 60 percent of grillers believe that cooking outdoors can be done year-round, according to research from Mintel.

But before you decide to bundle up and brave the cold, here are some quick reminders:   

  • Dress right – Definitely dress to stay warm, but don’t leave any dangling scarves, gloves or hats. Doing so can pose a serious risk for catching fire. But if you have a Kalamazoo, you may not even need the extra layers. Our grills have been referred to as “outdoor space heaters” because of their intense heating capabilities even in the harshest conditions.  
  • Location, location – Position your grill in an area that’s not exposed to high winds because that can make it difficult to cook effectively. As always, do not place your grill in an area with combustible surfaces overhead. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s user guidelines for specific requirements on how far your grill needs to be from any combustible surfaces. If possible, position your grill where you can see it and read its thermometer from inside the house.
  • Don’t get left in the dark – With fewer hours of daylight in the winter, you’ll be grilling dinner in the dark. Make sure you have good lighting near your grill, or use a head lamp.

For more cold-weather grilling tips, check out Steven Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible or this article from the Wall Street Journal, featuring Kalamazoo grill master, Russ Faulk.   

Want a reward for shoveling your driveway in these frigid conditions? Try this recipe for a smoke-roasted long-bone ribeye.

After all, you’ve earned it.


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