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Arcadia Series Design Q&A with Russ Faulk, Chief Designer

Morgan Bergren, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 11/10/2017 |

Kalamazoo’s new Arcadia Series brings more configuration, material and color options to fine outdoor kitchens. Our chief product designer Russ Faulk discusses what inspired him to develop the Arcadia Series and how it compares to our original weather-tight Signature Series.

What design or architectural cues inspired the look of the Arcadia Series?

The Arcadia Series embraces a contemporary interpretation of modernist style, while the Signature Series has a more classic look. This new line fits very well into contemporary modern home design, often found in new homes in places like Malibu and the Hamptons. Modernist architecture usually features simple shapes and exposed structures as a key part of the visual design. Each Arcadia cabinet features the same simple, four-board design – and the stainless end caps serve as an exposed structural element. This connects with everything I love about the latest trends in home design.

Arcadia Series luxury outdoor cabinets at the Car of the Year

The Arcadia Series outdoor cabinets installed with the Hybrid Fire Grill and Gaucho Grill at an event in Sonoma for the Robb Report.

How does the new Arcadia Series expand design options for the outdoor kitchen?

The Arcadia Series does not include a weather-tight rain gutter like the Signature Series, which allowed us more design flexibility when it came to widths and configurations. Arcadia cabinets include a versatile drawer-over-door configuration option that isn’t available in the Signature Series. You can also change the interior configuration of almost any Arcadia cabinet after installation. For example, if you have an 18-inch 3-drawer Arcadia cabinet in your outdoor kitchen and you want to change it to a waste and recycling cabinet later on, it’s really simple to do so with basic tools and without uninstalling the cabinet.

Arcadia refrigeration is integrated with the cabinetry to a much greater extent, as well. The transition is seamless because the refrigeration is skinned with the exact same materials as the cabinetry. It creates the same effect that you see in indoor kitchens with matching panel overlays.

And finally, clients have so many options when it comes to the finish. Our two standard Arcadia finishes are quite lovely and will serve many spaces well, but there are more than 200 additional powder coated stainless steel colors available for even greater choice to fit a wide range of aesthetic preferences.

What are the differences between the Arcadia Series and the Signature Series? What spaces benefit more from one line over the other?

Each series has its own inherent benefits, but it will really come down to personal preference.

Aesthetically, the two lines have some significant differences. The simplicity of the Signature Series is right at home in many classic kitchens where there are other bold finishes – carved limestone, a punched tin ceiling, or intricate masonry. And of course Signature also looks great in sleek, commercial-style kitchens. The Arcadia Series has its own bold look, which is wonderful – but it could compete with other choices in certain settings. So the appeal of Arcadia over Signature (or vice versa) really depends on the overall space. Between these two lines, I think every client will find a cabinetry and refrigeration solution that works well for their outdoor kitchens.

Another consideration is weather permeability. The weather-tight aspect of our Signature Series is essential for certain clients – those who live in a region with a lot of rain, whose cabinetry is exposed to the elements, and who store water-sensitive linens or other items in the outdoor kitchen. But there are many other outdoor kitchens without those constraints, and to those clients I would suggest comparing the two lines to see if Arcadia’s configurations create better design opportunities.


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