Side-Mounted Smoker Box


Add an offset smoker box to your freestanding grill for traditional barbecue techniques.

Base Price: $1,200.00 Order locate a dealer

Product Features

  • A factory-installed option for Kalamazoo freestanding grills (K500H, K750H, K1000H, K1500H, K450 and K900 Series freestanding grills only).
  • Build and snuff a fire in the smoker box. Food is smoked in the primary grilling area away from the fire.
  • Baffles on chimney to control the flow of smoke and restrict oxygen.
  • Water tray to add moisture.
  • Start fires with the included electric charcoal starter.

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Customer Reviews

jeff lopez

October 30 2014, 11:25 am

If this a factory installed why is it offered online??? Can it be easily installed??