Scratch-B-Gone Grill Restoration Kit


Remove scratches and stubborn stains from your stainless steel outdoor kitchen equipment.

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  • Grill Restoration Kit

Product Features

Scratch-B-Gone™ has been used for years by professionals in the field to permanently remove scratches and stains from stainless steel grills. Now it is available from Kalamazoo in a convenient kit with instructional videos so you, too, can bring back the original appearance and beauty to your Kalamazoo grill.

The Scratch-B-Gone tool works like a magic eraser by quickly removing all surface scratches and scuffs from stainless steel while restoring and blending the adjoining surfaces.

The secret? ULTRA SHINE™, the proprietary conditioning formulation that lets you remove isolated scratches locally and speeds the oxidation of the newly restored metal to blend perfectly with surrounding areas. This means you don't have to resurface the entire grill to obtain a universal matched finish.

Specially developed pads contain various specific 'metal cutting mineral grits' which aggressively cut and channel into stainless steel to create a matching grain finish.

SEEING IS BELIEVING! The video CD in every kit shows you just how easy it is to expertly remove scratches, no matter how deep.

Base Price: $49.95 Order locate a dealer


DO NOT attempt to use the Scratch-B-Gone tools on polished stainless steel surfaces. This tool is intended for resurfacing of brushed 'real' stainless steel surfaces only. Read and review thoroughly the materials that come with your Scratch-B-Gone purchase before beginning.

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