The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill

  • Stainless steel freestanding barbecue grill

    The world's first, best, and only true Hybrid Fire Grill

  • Stainless steel built-in barbecue grill

    Kalamazoo is the ultimate grill for the ultimate outdoor kitchen

  • Charcoal and wood grill

    Grill with any combination of gas, charcoal and wood

  • Gas grill burners

    Powerful, cast brass burners for gas grilling convenience

  • Wood grill

    Cook with a live wood fire

The Most Versatile Grill You Can Buy

The Kalamazoo is a seriously powerful gas grill that can also cook with charcoal and wood. Hand made by master craftsmen, its deep firebox design circulates heat more evenly for superior grilling, roasting and smoking... using any fuel you like.


Rick Bayless cooks on a Kalamazoo grill

"Kalamazoo has changed the way I cook outdoors. Man, I love a hot grill!"

— Chef Rick Bayless

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Wolfgang Puck cooks on a Kalamazoo Grill

"Any backyard chef would be lucky to cook on a Kalamazoo grill"

— Chef Wolfgang Puck

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Hybrid Fire Grill Drawer

Nothing else cooks like a Kalamazoo

  • Gas, charcoal and wood can be used in any combination over the entire grill.
  • Each cast brass burner weighs in at 14 pounds and offers 25,000 BTUs of awesome gas grill power. The gas grilling temperatures exceed 700°F.
  • Deep fire box engineering delivers a more even heat at the grill grate and more dynamic heat circulation for roasting and smoking.
  • Custom, laser-cut grill grates create amazing grill marks in a selection of patterns optimized for different types of food.

More on our Hybrid Grills

Why choose between a wood grill, a charcoal grill and a gas grill when you can enjoy a Kalamazoo Hybrid Grill and have the best of all worlds?

For years the argument has raged on about charcoal and wood versus gas barbecues. Which is better? Wood imparts flavor that gas on its own will not, and gas offers convenience that wood or charcoal can't match. Rather than joining the argument, we've engineered a solution… our exclusive and revolutionary Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer System.

A Kalamazoo is a gas grill — the best gas grill you'll ever cook on, but it is also a charcoal grill and a wood grill. It is much more than the simple gas and charcoal combination grill that is becoming popular with its side-by-side design. The entire hybrid grill can be used for combination grilling. Simply leave the hybrid drawer empty and fire up the grill when you want to cook just with gas. Load the drawer with charcoal and/or wood and let the powerful cast brass burners get things started for live fire cooking. Either way, cleanup is a breeze with our deep-hopper clean out system that funnels down to a deep, stainless steel cleanout bin.

No other grill so seamlessly combines the convenience of a gas grill with a high-performance charcoal and wood grill.

Hybrid grills are available in built-in and free-standing designs, and can be specified as part of a custom outdoor kitchen.

How the hybrid grill drawers work:

  • Leave the grill drawer(s) empty and your Kalamazoo is the ultimate gas grill.
  • Place a full load of charcoal in the hybrid grill drawer(s), light the gas burners and let them get the charcoal fire started. Once the charcoal is lit, turn off the burners and enjoy the pure charcoal grilling experience for the perfect steak. As the fire dies, you can either load more charcoal or simply turn the gas grill burners back on to supplement the heat.
  • Burn wood chunks, tree limbs or split logs in the hybrid grill drawer for amazing wood-fired flavor, or use a mixture of wood chunks and charcoal for great flavor from the wood and sustained heat from the charcoal.
  • Place foil packets of wet wood chips in the grill drawer to use your Kalamazoo hybrid grill for smoking. You can load more wood chips without having to open the hood, which is great for traditional American barbecue. You can use the heat from a dying charcoal fire or simply run a single burner on low underneath the wood chips.
  • Kalamazoo K500H and K750H Series Hybrid models use a single drawer that covers the entire cooking area.
  • Kalamazoo K1000H Series Hybrid models use a pair of drawers in a side-by-side configuration.

The full range of outdoor cooking techniques on a Kalamazoo grill:

  • Direct grilling above the heat from the gas grill burners or a live fire at temperatures from 350ºF to more than 1,000ºF.
  • Indirect grilling or roasting next to the heat from the gas grill burners or a live fire at temperatures from 200ºF to more than 700ºF. A whole, butterflied chicken can be roasted to perfection on a Kalamazoo Grill in just 35 minutes at a temperature of 500ºF.
  • "Low and slow" smoking at temperatures from 200ºF to 300ºF or smoke roasting at temperatures from 350ºF to 650ºF.
  • Combine grilling techniques to get the most out of your Kalamazoo grill. Sear a thick steak or chop over a hot, live wood fire for 1 to 2 minutes. Then move it to an indirect grilling zone and let it coast up to temperature for 20 minutes while bathed in wood smoke.

Take a tour of the Kalamazoo Advanced Cooking Concept.

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