Outdoor Kitchen Plans

Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen design experts are here to help you develop the perfect outdoor kitchen plans and design.

Almost anything is possible when it comes to designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Here, we have pulled together a selection of sample outdoor kitchen layouts utilizing our outdoor kitchen appliances and cabinets in a variety of sizes to help jump-start your creativity.

The Sonoran Outdoor Kitchen

 [ 13' 6" x 12' 4" ] Download

Sample Outdoor Kitchen Plan - Sonoran Layout

The Havana Outdoor Kitchen

[ 11' 10" x 2' 8" ] Download

Sample Outdoor Kitchen Plan - Havana Layout

The Oasis Outdoor Kitchen

[ 16' 2" x 10' 2" ] Download

Sample Outdoor Kitchen Plan - Oasis Layout


For a look at some real-life outdoor kitchen designs from actual Kalamazoo customers, visit our outdoor kitchen photo gallery.