Chef Rick Bayless in his Kalamazoo Outdoor Kitchen

The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Begins with Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is the leader in outdoor kitchens. Our grills, pizza ovens, refrigeration and cabinetry set the standard for performance, quality and innovation in each of their categories. The ultimate outdoor kitchen requires the ultimate  outdoor cooking and entertaining products.

Hybrid Fire Grills

  • A Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill is the best gas grill money can buy. On top of that, they also cook with charcoal and wood. We invented the Hybrid Fire Grill in the late 1990s, and we are still the only solution that seamlessly switch between any combination of charcoal, wood and gas cooking. Thanks to our advanced design and radically-deep firebox, these high performance grills excel at every outdoor cooking technique.

Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

  • Pizza ovens are great for outdoor entertaining, but you want an oven that is fast and easy to use. A Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven is ready to cook in as little as 20 minutes. Even more importantly, the Total Control Burner System gives you independent control of the heat from top and bottom so you can balance the cooking to your unique tastes. Cook a Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 3 minutes, or slow things down for Chicago-style deep dish pizza. The Kalamazoo pizza oven can do it all, and it is much easier to master than a live wood fire.

Outdoor Refrigeration

Outdoor Dishwasher

  • Kalamazoo launched the world's first outdoor-rated dishwasher, cutting the last ties to the indoor kitchen and making the outdoor kitchen complete

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Hand-build outdoor grill

Attention to Detail

A Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen is characterized by luxury, beauty, craftsmanship and performance.

Dedicated craftspeople bend, weld, finish and assemble each product to the highest quality standards. Each outdoor kitchen is built-to-order, and we ship direct from our workshop in Kalamazoo, Michigan to the finest homes all over the world.

Check the detail on one of our grill hoods. You'll see a work of art where separate pieces of stainless steel have become a seamless whole with a hand-rubbed finish. Notice how solid it feels. A mid-sized Kalamazoo grill hood weighs more than 60 pounds, but don't worry, we have hidden 60-pound springs that help you open and close the lid.

Look inside a Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen cabinet. We are the only manufacturer to use stainless steel slides on our drawers and shelves. We also weld the cabinet bodies to guarantee a lifetime of service. And the exclusive, seamless rain gutter around every door and drawer opening make for an outdoor kitchen that is easy to live with — always clean and ready for a party.

Outdoor kitchen in Nantucket, MA

Care Free Outdoor Kitchens

Get the most enjoyment from your outdoor kitchen investment.

At Kalamazoo, we want your outdoor kitchen to become a primary kitchen for the home. Food just tastes better when you cook it in your outdoor kitchen, and cooking outdoors takes the drudgery out of preparing everyday meals. A Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen is easy to live with — ready for weeknight meals with just the immediate family, or to entertain the entire block.

Thanks to the seamless rain gutters, you can hose the kitchen clean. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel (welded and finished to "the dairy standard"), a Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen will look beautiful for many years, even in salt air like the Nantucket outdoor kitchen pictured above. Thanks to the quality and performance of our refrigeration, you can keep the kitchen stocked with food, and winterizing a Kalamazoo outdoor refrigerator is as easy as pressing the power button. Turn it off and you're winterized. Simply turn it back on in the Spring. Our outdoor dishwasher even features its own winterization cycle. The unit's pump will remove all the water from its system. Activate the Spring cycle to return the unit to service when the weather turns nice again.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design Support

Partner with the outdoor kitchen experts at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Our team can help you with equipment selection and layout, and we provide complete CAD drawings of every outdoor kitchen to help your installation run smoothly. By working directly with the manufacturer, you get our support throughout the planning, ordering and installation process.